Causes Of Hearing Loss

The so called developing nations contain 2/3rd of the world’s hearing impaired population. This is the shocking alarm not only for these countries but also for the entire world. Why this hearing problem is spreading like the wild fire? The reason is the negligible restrictions on its causes. What anything we can do is the prevention of its causes. Let’s have a close look over its reasons so that it can be stopped before it’s too late.Aging the most common among the hearing loss causes is the progressive age. As the person grows old, its ability to hear the extreme frequency sounds reduces. Although, the ability starts developing in the stages of adulthood, the severity is much less and so are the symptoms.


The perfect measure that one can take to resist it is the use of hearing loss devices. Noise is the most badly reputed cause of hearing loss. It should be as the sound of more than 80 db has tremendous capacity to damage the ear. People have the habit of listening the loud music on their earphone which makes the ear drum more insensitive to small amplitude sounds sowing the seed of hearing problem by making it difficult to hear and interpret the normal conversation clearly. Sometimes a big explosion or other events involving the heavy strike of sound, results into the sudden hearing loss.Genetic or neurological disorder apart from the two major hearing loss causes mentioned above, there are many more like genetic impairment of ear that can harm the ear structure resulting into the hearing loss problems by birth. On the other hand, there are many neurological diseases like multiple sclerosis, meningitis, Mumps, etc.

Other reasons Talking about the other reasons, head injury or physical trauma can be the reason behind hearing loss. Sometimes, the excessive or wrong use of medications or drugs may cause the hearing disorders. Also, the toxic substances (like snake bite) may result into the hearing loss. Overall, there are many hearing loss causes, depending upon which experts prescribe the treatment.

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